Health Care

Upon entry, open a medical file for each child. She receives a full medical check-up at Kabale referral hospital, and from then on they receive basic medical attention and periodic checkups.

We invite medical personnel such as dentists and nurses to talk to the girls about their bodies, dental care, personal hygiene and so on. 

We also hold health awareness workshops and counseling sessions both for the children, and for families that have our children in their care. In January, a Therapist from Finland, Ms Laura Toubale Keihas spent 3 productive months of Art Therapy sessions with the children.


  • Olivia was born with a genital defect. We connected her to Mulago hospital, where they did reconstructive surgery.
  • Mercy developed a goiter at the beginning of 2017. She is ongoing monitoring as they prepare her for surgery in December.
  • Amanya (10 year old) had a hernia, which was successfully operated upon.
  • Monica (not her name), 11 year old was chronically depressed which led to weight loss and poor performance in class. After counseling it was revealed that she thought she had HIV. She was raped the year before she was brought into our home. Although we knew she was healthy we re-tested her, to reaasure her. Today, she is a vibrant, happy, healthy girl who is doing well in school. This was a result of relief accompanied by mentoring, counseling and loving care.

Grace Villa

We Rise by Lifting Others