How does one express gratitude for lives changed for ever?

We use the words “thank you” when a person opens a door for another. But how does one pack all the marvelous love & miracles that we experienced over the last 3 months into those two words?

We received an unexpected 3 month notice from the owners of our rental home to vacate. It was one of the most scary, uncertain situations we have ever been in. We honestly didn’t know what to do next – so we decided to go out on another scary limb & publicly share our burden with you. Turns out this was our best decision ever. You stepped in, in a way that we will never ever forget! Without judgement you showed us empathy and concern. You prayed, gave all that you could financially – from the one who gave 5,000/= which moved us deeply coz it was all he had, to the friend took out a salary loan – & another who even sold precious family bonds for our children! You advised, fasted, shared our urgent posts, held fundraisers, made brave announcements in groups & churches. You showed the world the power of family, community and love – & that even the most fantastic dreams can come true. Even in the midst of a global COVID-19 pandemic 😷

Within a few months, a miracle had occurred. We had raised enough to buy a home. Imagine this. A real home! What a beautiful miracle. We will NEVER ever forget you. Home is a special word. It means security, belonging & identity among other things. It is supposed to be a place that comes without question, that is waiting for you day in and day out, whether you leave or not. This is the permanent gift that you have given to our children.

Our new home is beautiful, warm and safely situated near the Kabale police. It is larger than the previous home, which we really needed. No more sharing beds or sleeping on the floor, which happened whenever we had to take in emergency kids. It is close enough to all our external children, women & communities who benefit daily from our programs like #wateeka, and large enough to hold all our sustainability programs like gardening and sports.

We thank you. For standing with us when we needed you most. For investing in your children & future generations who will call this new space home. For the faith & trust that you have put in us. We promise to continue to work hard for your children, and to be good stewards of that which you have entrusted us with. The children promise to continue to make you very proud. Please come visit some time. After all, it’s your home too ♥️

On July 1st 2020, we dedicated this new home to the Lord with tears in our eyes & inexplicable joy in our hearts. We are currently moving in. God is so good. He makes ALL things beautiful in His time.

Eternally Grateful,
Ruth Bahika – on behalf of the Grace Villa family.

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