Message from founder/CEO

It brings me great joy to share what wonderful moments, miracles and achievements that 2018 held for your children. I shall also share the challenges and lessons learnt.

Through you, 215 orphans, abandoned and abused girls were rescued, and 52 vulnerable families lives were transformed. This was a 40% increase from the year before. We intervened through the 9 strategic pillars around which Grace Villa revolves:

  • Shelter
  • Academics
  • Health
  • Sports
  • Food
  • Skill building
  • Counseling
  • Advocacy
  • Sustainability

Our work continues to be inspired by the children, whose lives we see evolving beautifully, sometimes even dramatically, before our eyes. Their background stories are tough, but our children are tougher.

My vision was to set up the same sort of loving home that most of us grew up in. The difference is in the programs and interventions put in place, so that by the time a child leaves our home, they walk out as confident, well equipped young ladies – ready to be positive influences on their families, communities and the world

Our achievements to date are the fruit of many hands. We are filled with gratitude and renewed hope every day, knowing that we have people all over the world thinking about us, praying for us and supporting our mission through all the obstacles and challenges that work of this magnitude is bound to face.

Allow me to particularly acknowledge The Grace Villa Board, Chaired by Rev Canon Grace Nyonyozi Ndyabahika, who faithfully serve, intervene, guide, support and direct.

The management and staff of Grace Villa who are the cornerstone of every piece of work that goes on at the Foundation Our 2 very active steering committees: The Dream Team and The LaBuda Fellowship My siblings Apolo Ndyabahika, Rachelle Bahika Matembe, and their families who relentlessly walk the Grace Villa path with us, and are main links off the continent.

Members of a committed group of supporters called “The Grace Villa Family”

Our volunteers, who transcend geographical boundaries and cultural and religious differences to benefit our children with their varying expertise. They often think outside the box for us, coming up with strategies to help our programs grow.

The donors and partners who are the backbone of our financial health. Through you, we are able to implement these life changing programs

All our partners and stakeholders within the Kabale District local government for the healthy working relationship we share. We look forward to continuing to work closely with you in the years to come. Special mention to the Kabale District Senior Probation Officer Madam Monica Muhumuza who has tirelessly worked with our cases through the year, intervening for our home, for our children, and for their families.

Last but definitely not least, we thank the Kabale local community. Our neighbors have embraced and supported the children and our cause in a beautiful, awe inspiring way. Clothing and feeding them, offering mentoring, counseling, home visits, and many other interventions that matter and help nurture these growing children.

Grace Villa exists to change a desperate narrative. Our vision is to make sure that as many little vulnerable girls as possible find nurture, food, safety, love, opportunity and empowerment in an environment that allows them to thrive. And we are achieving this together!

Today, we are one of the strongest girl child interventions in South Western Uganda. Thank you for joining hands with us to make this possible. I am honored to share this 2017 Annual Grace Villa Report with you today, as we look forward to building upon and learning from these achievements, triumphs and tribulations in the years to come. Gratefully yours,

Ruth Ndyabahika | Founder & CEO

We Rise by Lifting Others

Grace Villa

We Rise by Lifting Others